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I will serve the Company in its promotion of the plumbing industry, its charitable activities and support for the City of London institutions.

Supporting the Craft

Historic lead crafts still have a place in modern society. Witness them in our museum at Singleton.

Latest news

  • The Marvellous, Mechanical, Music Museum

    Posted on 1st February 2018 The Marvellous, Mechanical, Music Museum

    Join the Master and company on Thursday 8th March for an exciting and tuneful day out at the UK’s finest collection of automated musical instruments, situated a few minutes’ walk from Kew Bridge, West London.

    The Musical Museum is home to a wonderful collection of self-playing mechanical musical instruments. From the tiniest of clockwork music boxes to the mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ in the concert hall, you can listen to and learn about an impressive array of reproducing pianos, orchestrions, pipe organs and violin players.

    Flyer & Booking Form click here.

  • Annual Banquet 21st March

    Posted on 1st February 2018 Annual Banquet 21st March

    The Master and Wardens invite you to join them on Wednesday 21st March at our 2018 Banquet at the Mansion House, which will again be held in the glorious surroundings of the Egyptian Hall, by kind permission of the Lord Mayor. We are delighted that our principal guest and speaker for the evening will be Lord O’Neill of Clackmannan.

    Martin O'Neill was Labour MP for the constituencies of Clackmannan and East Stirlingshire, and then Clackmannan and Ochil, from 1979-2005. He was a shadow Defence Secretary and Chairman of the Trade and Industry Select Committee, and was created Baron O'Neill of Clackmannan in 2005. He is President of the Specialist Engineering Contractors' Group which represents the interests of specialist engineering contractors in the construction industry (including plumbing contractors) across the United Kingdom.

    Booking form click here.

  • Election of Non-Aldermanic Sheriff 2018-19

    Posted on 19th February 2018 Election of Non-Aldermanic Sheriff 2018-19

    All Liverymen of each of the 110 City of London Livery Companies are eligible to vote in the elections both for the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City of London. While most of these elections are uncontested, it is likely that the election for the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff for 2018-2019 (which will take place at Common Hall in Guildhall on Monday 25 June 2018) will be contested.

    There are currently three candidates for this position:
    Richard Fleck CBE  (http://richardfleck.com/about/)
    The Hon. Liz Green (www.lizgreen.co.uk)
    Gwen Rhys (http://gwenrhys.com)
    Liverymen of the Plumbers’ Company are encouraged to come to their own decisions about which candidate to support.
    We have been asked by one of the candidates, Liz Green, to make Liverymen aware of a Drinks and Canapes Reception she is holding in Carpenters’ Hall on Monday 23 April 2018 between 1730 and 1930. Anyone wishing to attend can register by clicking on the box at the top of the home page on her website: www.lizgreen.co.uk
    If we receive requests from either of the other candidates to share information with the Livery, then we will do so.

  • The Plumbers’ Golf Society

    Posted on 15th February 2018 The Plumbers’ Golf Society

    Our Golf Society have a varied programme for this year.  Click here for details.  They can also be found under Forthcoming Events.

    If you want more information about the Golf Society contact the Hon Secretary Liveryman Mick Munro

  • Recognising Plumbing Apprentices

    Posted on 13th February 2018 Recognising Plumbing Apprentices

    Throughout its 653-year history, the Worshipful Company of Plumbers has valued the role of apprenticeships. The Apprentice’s Statue in London’s Cannon Street Station is a public demonstration of the part which apprentices play in the plumbing industry.  On Tuesday 13 March 2018  bursaries will be presented to a number of people who are currently undergoing training to become qualified to work in the industry.  Come and join us for the ceremony followed by lunch in The Vintry.  For flyer and booking form, click here.

  • From the Master -Treloar’s School

    Posted on 6th February 2018 From the Master -Treloar’s School

    Sheila and I were both moved and inspired by our visit yesterday with the Lord Mayor and some 50 other Livery Masters and consorts to Treloar's School in Alton.  I am not sure that the Plumbers have traditionally done much to support the School (unlike a few other Companies whose efforts were highlighted yesterday) and I wondered whether we couldn't at least do a little awareness-raising.  

    On 28 March 2018 an event called The Treloar Talks will take place in Glaziers' Hall. I have been invited as Master Plumber- and will attend.

    Tickets are available for sale at £30 and there is an interesting line-up of 4 speakers with the event being chaired by Alastair Stewart OBE (News at Ten).   For further details click here .

Recent events

  • Plum - a year on

    Plum - a year on

    Plum is the puppy, sposored by the Company, who is training to become a Medical Detection Dog.  Click here to read about her progress.

  • The Master’s Blog 14

    The Master’s Blog 14


    Pancakes in the rain!  Read all about it. Click here

  • Master’s Blog 13

    Master’s Blog 13

    A busy week staring with a visit to Treloar's School one of the country’s leading providers of education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training for disabled young people.   Next day, coffee in the House of Lords with the speaker at our Banquet (you have booked, havent you?  Flyer on the web where you can also find the name of the Master's coffee host).  Then on the same day, Membership Committe, reception for New Liverymen and finally a Technical Symposium. The next day was quieter - Admission Interviews for prospective members and the Ironmongers' City Dinner.  To read the details click here.

  • The Master’s Blog: 12

    The Master’s Blog: 12

    THE MASTER’S BLOG: From Academia to the backroom.  Full blog click here  Composite 1-10 here, 11-12 here