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Our Charity encourages trainee plumbers through the provision of bursaries and awards.Click the yellow button below.

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The Master, Brian Wadsworth "Fellowship, Charity, City and trade – the Plumbers are thriving. Get the most from your Livery: turn out, join in, enjoy"

Supporting the Craft

Historic lead crafts still have a place in modern society. Witness them in our museum at Singleton.

Latest news

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    Posted on 3rd April 2017

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  • Court Luncheon with Masters and Clerks Tuesday 9th May 2017

    Posted on 13th April 2017 Court Luncheon with Masters and Clerks Tuesday 9th May 2017

    On Tuesday 9th May the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants will host our Company’s first Masters and Clerks luncheon at Carpenters’ Hall, to which we have invited the Masters and Clerks of other Livery Companies with whom we enjoy a particularly close relationship and who kindly extend invitations to our Master and Clerk during the year.
    This will be a splendid opportunity to meet and socialise with many of our fellow Livery Companies. Neil Kerfoot from Village by Village will be our guest speaker and will provide an update on our Charity’s good works in Ghana, bringing fresh water, basic sanitation and hygiene education to remote villages.

    Click here for flyer and booking.

  • UK Plumber of the Year

    Posted on 12th April 2017 UK Plumber of the Year

    This year’s UK Plumber of the Year will launch on 3rd April, where the search begins to find the finest plumber of 2017 and recognise the remarkable level of talent from plumbers across the UK, with another huge prize fund awarded to the worthy winner.  Past Master Chris Sneath will sit on the final judging panel.  The competition was first launched in 2015 where our nationwide search found Josh Colbert, a multi-skilled plumber from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, as the worthy winner of the inaugural UK Plumber of the Year competition.  Last year, Shaun Scott from Aberdeen picked up the crown and is the current holder of the UK Plumber of the Competition.

    For more information click here and for the Plumber of the Year web site click here.  

  • Visit to Jane Austen’s and Gilbert White’s houses, Hampshire: 18 May 2017

    Posted on 4th April 2017 Visit to Jane Austen’s and Gilbert White’s houses, Hampshire: 18 May 2017

    Jane Austen’s House in Chawton was where she lived with her mother and sister, Cassandra, from 1809 to 1817. Here she revised some of her earlier novels and then wrote three more including Emma. This year is the bicentenary of her death. The 17th century house is laid out as it was in Jane’s time and includes many artefacts of hers and her family.

    Click here for more details and the booking form

  • How poor plumbing is causing pollution

    Posted on 3rd April 2017 How poor plumbing is causing pollution

    Read Andrew Broadbent, chair of the National Misconnections Group in WRAS News

  • Corporate Members

    Posted on 3rd April 2017 Corporate Members

    The Worshipful Company of Plumbers, the City of London Livery Company for the plumbing industry, is a community of like-minded people in the forefront of the industry.
    In addition to individual membership — the Plumbers’ Company is open to companies involved in or with the plumbing industry in the UK and overseas.  This Corporate Membership enables a member company’s senior executives to participate fully in most of the Plumbers’ many activities. The Plumbers’ Company is the catalyst that has brought the whole plumbing industry together. Manufacturers, merchants, contractors, designers, academics and the suppliers to the industry: every facet is represented.

    We offer a totally neutral networking environment in which everyone can and does talk to anyone about anything. The benefits of these informal contacts have proved themselves time and again. And with our own significant social calendar, we have the ready-made events in some of the best venues in the City of London.

    Corporate Membership may be applied for by any company, whether British or international, which is engaged in or with the plumbing industry in the United Kingdom and overseas. Click here for more details.

Recent events

  • Plumber’s Apprentices - Old and New

    Plumber’s Apprentices - Old and New

    On Wednesday 19th April,  the Master, Wardens and a number of Liverymen were joined by Alderman Alison Gowman and the Master Skinner at the Plumber's Apprentice in Cannon Street Railway Station.   The Master welcomed all those present and quoted from our 1611 Charter that stated that for effective policing of the plumbers’ trade, the Master and Wardens were empowered to “make and exercise at all convenient times the supervision, scrutiny, correction and government of all and singular persons whomsoever, for the time being Freemen of the Art or Mystery of Plumbing of the City….”  He then called upon Past Master Peter Brunner, as Chairman of our Charitable and Educational Trust, and John Collier, Chairman of Monument Tools,  to congratulate and present our Bursaries to four very deserving students from Croydon College, who have shown special diligence and achievement in their studies - Megan Brown, George Hurworth, Gavin Levy and Zain Mohammed.  All are currently studying at the College for the qualifications which will enable them to practise the Art and Mystery of plumbing and to begin their careers in plumbing.  They were accompanied by Tom Collins, Assistant Principal for Employability and Apprenticeships at Croydon College and Liveryman Peter Cheesman, Lecturer at Croydon College.

    Alderman Gowman welcomed the Plumbers to Dowgate Ward and reminded those present of the importance of plumbers in rmaintaining the cleanliness and health of  London.

    (For the text of the Master's and Alderman Alison Gowman's speeches click here)

  • The Good Samaritan

    The Good Samaritan

    The Lord Mayor, Dr Andrew Parmley, read the parable of the Good Samaritan at the United Guild's Service at St Paul's Cathedral.  The Right Reverend Christopher Chessum , Lord Bishop of Southwark, reminded us in his sermon that being a good Samaritan was as relevant today as in the time of Christ.  He recalled how  in the terrorist attack at the Houses of Parliament passing public rendered immediate assistance.  Many nationalities were involved  - race, creed and gender were irrelevant, a fellow human being needed immediate  help.  We all need each other and the good works of the Livery Companies show how this has happened over the centuries and is not time expired.

    St Paul's was full of Liverymen, clergymen and officers of the City in this the 75th Service of the United Guilds of the City of London.  If you missed this colourful and moving service put Friday 16th March 2018 in your diary now.

    Following the service the Plumbers', Gardeners', Tylers' and Bricklayers', Builders Merchants' and the Guild of Entrepreneurs took lunch with the Carpenters' in their hall.  Click here for more.

  • Liveryman Prem Goyal elected as a Common Councilman for Bishopsgate Ward.

    Liveryman Prem Goyal elected as a Common Councilman for Bishopsgate Ward.

    The Plumbers' Company heartily congratulates Prem Goyal OBE, on being elected as a Common Councilman for Bishopsgate Ward.   Prem is a JP and founder and CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC), a management consultancy firm providing services to the financial industry.

    He joins Sylvia Moys as the second Common Councilman in our Company.  We remember that supporting the City is one our Aims & Objectives

  • Changes ahead for Plumbers - The Open Water Competition

    Open water - Competition for supplying water services in England

    From April 2017 1.2 million more non-household customers for water and sewerage services will be able to choose their supplier 7, in a bid to increase competition.
    Arrangements for this overhaul of national water services and its implications for the Water Fittings Regulations are outlined. Click here